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Call for the creation of a
European Foundation for the Prevention of Environmental and Health Crises

June 2020

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Who support the call?

Fekrije Selimi, Neurosciences, CNRS, France
Bernard Wach, Informaticien, France
Eric Guilyardi, Climate scientist, IPSL, CNRS, France
Marco Masia, Executive Coordinator, Italia
Michèle Amzallag, Professeur FLE, France
Pierre Jouven, architecte urbaniste programmiste, France
Dominique Dupuy, Sociologue, France
Eva-Maria Euchner, PostDoc, LMU Munich, Germany, Germany
Caspar Schwiedrzik, Independent Research Group Leader, European Neuroscience Institute Göttingen, Germany
Florian Echtler, Professor, Computer Science, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany
Sebastian Honnen, Toxicologist, Germany
Cathy Tous, professeur, France
Meghane Darcis, Translator, France
Daniel Müller, Research Associate, Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO), Germany
Gerdi Sura, enseignante, Education Nationale , France
Christine MARTIN, agrégée d'allemand, ancienne élève ENS Fontenay, France
Corinne Ehrenberg, Psychanalyste, APF, France
Martin Raulf, Chemist, France
Yann Moulier Boutang, Professeur émérite de sciences économiques Universite de Technologie de Compiègne Alliance Sorbonne Université, France
Patricia Ruiz, Head Research Department, Medical School Brandenburg , Germany
Ludwig Kalthoff, rheumatology, Germany
Chantal Chasson, Professeur certifiée d’allemand, Membre Adeaf, France
Angela Falciatore, Marine Biology and Photobiology, Research Director CNRS, Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique UMR7141 CNRS, France
(Support from Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique UMR7141 CNRS)
Niclas Bertelsen, Artificial Intelligence MSc., University of Groningen , Germany
Olivier Vallon, Biologist, GdR Photosynthèse, CNRS, France, France
(Support from GdR Photosynthèse, CNRS, France)
Gwenola Le Caïnec, Professeure certifiée allemand, France
Yves Choquet, Directeur de Recherche CNRS, UMR7141 CNRS/UPMC, France
Stephan EBERHARD, Associate Professor Sorbonne University, Sorbonne University - CNRS, France
Sabine Rutar, History, Leibniz-Institute for East and Southeast European Studies, Regensburg, Germany
Alik Ismail-Zadeh, Geophysics, Natural Hazards; Academia Europaea; Russian Acad. Sc., Moscow, Russia; KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany, Germany
Oliver Caspari, Postdoctoral Researcher, CNRS, France
Aneta Pierzynová, Veterinarian and Cell Biology and Pathology, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Raphaël Wach, Engineer, France
Evelyn Medawar, Researcher, Charité Berlin, Germany
Sandrine Bujaldon, Ingénieur, CNRS, France
Mathilde Amzallag, Teacher in history, Italia
Caroline Gutjahr, Professor for Plant Genetics, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Britta Hohnecker, Professeur, France
Maria Teresa Teixeira, Research Director, CNRS, France
Bruno Miroux, Researcher, Head of IBPC, Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, Paris, France
(Support from Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, Paris)
JAVIER MARINO, Técnico, CReSA, Italia
(Support from CReSA)
Fabio Sterpone, Research Director, CNRS, France
Grégory Boël, Microbiology, Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology Paris, CNRS, Université de Paris, France
(Support from Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology Paris, CNRS, Université de Paris)
Francisco JAvier Salguero, Senior Pathologist, Public Health England, United Kingdom
Richard Kuras, researcher, CNRS, France
Catherine Agulhon, Maître de conférence emerite, Université de Paris, France
(Support from Université de Paris)
Emmanuelle Wollman, immunologist, France
Martin Picard, Researcher, CNRS, Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, France
(Support from CNRS, Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique)
Cynthia Alsayyah, Biology PhD student, IBPC/PSL, France
(Support from IBPC/PSL)
Françoise PRAZ, Research Director, CNRS, France
Mickael Cohen, Research Director CNRS, IBPC CNRS SU UMR8226, France
Robert Arkowitz, Research Director CNRS, Institute Biology Valrose, UMR CNRS7277 - INSERM1091 - Université Côte d'Azur,
Marc Baaden, Research director, CNRS, France
Boris Najman, Associate Professor, Université Paris Est Creteil, France
Ingrid Lafontaine, Assistant Professor, computational biology, Sorbonne Université, France , France
Ludek Blaha, Environmental Toxicology, RECETOX, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Jennifer Müller, German as a Second Language Teaching, Philips-Universität Marburg, Germany
Catherine Praquin, Retraitee, France
Lorenz Abduly, Engineer, Switzerland
Marc Dreyfus, Microbiology, CNRS, France
Sultan Daniele, retired, France
Jordi Argilaguet, Researcher, IRTA-CReSA, España
David Monic, Consultant, Belgium
De kerorguen Yan, Journaliste, Placé-publique.fr, France
(Support from Placé-publique.fr)
Costis Toregas, Director, Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Institute, GWU, GWU, United States
Raphaela KITSON-PANTANO, CEO, Yes You Can Consulting, United States
Christoph Lindemann, Marketing Manager, Deutschland
Michel MARIAN, ESSAYIST, ICE (Initiative Citoyens en Europe), France
(Support from ICE (Initiative Citoyens en Europe))
cesare montecucco, scientist, Department of Biomedical sciences, university of Padova, Italia
Gianfranco Pacchioni, University Professor, Università di Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Isabel Gordo, Principal Investigator, Portugal
Francesco Pegoraro, University Professor, Univ. Pisa, Phys Dept, Accademia Lincei, Italy
arnaud gutierrez, Microbiology, France
Helke Hillebrand, Admin. Director Graduate Academy, Heidelberg University, Germany
Silvano Coletti, Managing Director, Chelonia Applied Science , Switzerland
(Support from Chelonia Applied Science )
Federico Forneris, Structural Biology, University of Pavia, Italy
Nathalie Jonard-Loridant, enseignante, France
Romain Troublé, COO, Fondation Tara Océan, France
(Support from Fondation Tara Océan)
Hervé Navetat, Docteur vétérinaire, France
Jean-Luc Bailly, Assistant professor, Université Clermont Auvergne, France
Gilles Mirambeau, Biologist - Maître de conférences, Sorbonne Université, France
Houot Jean, Engineer retired, France
Jean Alric, Researcher in Photosynthesis and Bioenergetics, CNRS, France
Garapati Prashanth, Scientist, Germany
Alizée Malnoë, Assistant Professor, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Sweden
Jean-Francois BRIAT, Honorary CNRS researcher, French Academy of Agriculture, France

🛡The call of 76 scientists   📄The white paper   ✏Support the call